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VR A Diverse Company With A Single Mission…Build A Better Tomorrow For ALL

VR Diverse is proud to be a minority woman owned business fostering the best in products, progression, solutions, and be a true representation of what an inclusive community and culture can accomplish given the opportunity to contribute. Ensuring excellence to all our clients is a process – not something that happens without planning, preparing and applying systematic steps to execute on all commitments made. Our goal is to be recognized as an outstanding organization that can and will do more to establish safer and healthier communities. As a proven innovative disruptive leader who worked diligently to bring medical care access to an underserved population, we challenged and significantly changed healthcare industry’s approach to achieving optimal goals while improving the lives of a community in need. We are proud that as a diverse firm we demonstrated a model that is being adopted industry wide in healthcare and aligned with the best practices, improved outcomes and reducing costs.  
Now we are focused on a new precedence of improving access to products and essential supplies that will contribute to the recovery of our nation. Data has shown that the businesses for inclusive growth initiative is often closely aligned with efforts to fight social and economic inequalities. As these efforts are made so does a balancing of benefits contributing to a thriving economy and community. Diverse is defined as many, various and multiple. We feel confident VR Diverse throughout its developments will bring an array of incredible ideas, effective strategies and revolutionizing concepts brought by various individuals from diverse backgrounds to build onto a greater tomorrow for everyone.  
In 2017 our home state of Illinois and its leadership was the first state to adopt a minimum 20% spend with diverse businesses. While VR Diverse is well qualified and can be instrumental piece of helping organizations meet these spend goals, we welcome and invite all organizations and their decision makers who wants to be a beacon for inclusion by opening up opportunities for organizations like ours and creating a path towards success for all communities. We are requesting each and every organization whose success was built on going beyond expectations to participate in extending the options and opportunities to firms that can have community wide positive impact and demonstrate excellence. We challenge everyone to be inspired by a motto that was encouraged by a great leader who stated “Be The Change You Want to See in the World”. A motto that did build a better tomorrow a very long time ago but still stands to be a constant to build for an even greater future for ALL.