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Currently, due to a pandemic community across the United States and globally are in need of essential medical supplies such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and related products to contain the spread of the virus. PPE is a broad category of gear designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection. Unfortunately, with the significant increase in infections the demand for PPE grew at an unpresented rate. Most manufacturers also began to struggle with meeting the critical needs around the world. Limited access to PPE for frontline workers in healthcare and numerous vital categories was increasing the risks to the most vulnerable and exposed heroes throughout the community and a response was very much needed.         

With our founders’ long history, deep investments and diligent efforts made for better health of the community, the impact on restricted access to PPE was felt personally. With a background that incorporated innovation, strategy and proven methods to reduce barriers to medical care access for a population in need, our founders prepared, planned and applied key processes to help resolve challenges facing our nation including improving access to essential medical supplies. From the clinicians at medical facilities to outstanding individuals who are making the great sacrifice to keep our country working, we prioritized solutions to protect the community. Applying key components to meet attainable goals our optimal goal was to put in place an efficient supply chain pipeline and provide quality PPE and related products that would contribute to the recovery of our nation’s impacted industries, organizations, corporations and communities. Our platform was also built to eliminate barriers that could be caused by high costs for the products, so cost containment measures were applied without affecting the commitment to the delivery of high quality products.   

We reached out to our extensive professional network and did a thorough vetting process to identify manufacturing partners whose approach and model are aligned with community health first philosophy. Through this process we were able to successfully identify reliable partners that can provide medical and non-medical PPE and beyond. Maintaining the highest standards of excellence that should be measured by human factors, we feel extremely confident we can contribute to our nations recovery and build onto an even better and safer future. We are committed to developing long lasting relationships with every industry and individual that will define the profound appreciation we have for courageous front-line and essential workers serving our country for inspiring us to better equip our nation during a national crisis.