• Certified Minority Woman Owned Business

Our top priority was to create access to all the highest quality products, services and solutions at the absolute lowest costs in the nation

VR Diverse is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, services and solutions to protect and advance humanity. Our extensive professional network of award winning manufacturers, supply chain professionals and industry innovators came together with proven resources and developed a dynamic plan to incorporate better practices for business communities impacting all communities. Our priority and approach is to provide products, services and solutions to keep people and communities safe and sustainable. From Personal Protective Equipment to Air Purifications Systems and Energy Efficiency Programs….we have impacted all of our clients with significant savings and applications beyond best practices.

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Delivering Highest Quality, Lowest Cost PPE In The Nation

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For the past 14 years nearly 5% of your monthly energy bill was allocated to energy efficiency programs. Now you can get state of the art equipment upgrades that was already paid for by you and reduce your energy costs by nearly 50% or greater.

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