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Energy Efficiency Programs And Solutions

Energy Efficiency Programs And Solutions That Reduce Your Energy Costs By Minimum 40% – Provide State Of The Art Equipment Upgrades Including A $3K HVAC Maintenance $450 Million Already Budgeted Annually And Paid For By Your Utility Provider.

VR Diverse - Energy Efficiency ProgramsWe at VR Diverse, provide Energy Efficiency Programs – compliant energy solutions to help organizations to achieve – Lower Energy bills (40% or greater), with less Maintenance costs, and Better Lighting Quality. Installing state of the art equipment with a 5 year warranty can be achieved with minimal or at not out of pocket costs. Over the past 14 years every individual who paid for power / energy in Illinois also contributed nearly 5% of every bill into the Energy Efficiency Program which now is a $450 million annual program anyone can access with the benefits of upgrades to equipment while supporting the goals of your energy provider by reducing emissions by 2%. Get a FREE Facility Assessment for Your Business or Organization.

We can help find energy-saving opportunities, whether it’s lights, HVAC system( $3K maintenance per unit for free), chillers or motors. When scheduled, an approved energy engineer will either conduct an in-person or virtual Facility Assessment. There, they will spend time with you assessing your facility to identify energy-efficiency opportunities. Within a few days customers will receive a report detailing energy efficiency projects that you can start working on immediately. Each recommendation will include estimated energy savings, cost savings, project cost, potential incentives and simple payback.

We follow this procedure to ensure lower power bill –

  • Review the existing system – we review your existing lighting system, with no additional cost to you.
  • Evaluation & Discussion – we then discuss this ComEd© evaluation report with you, and finalize which areas you want to implement.
  • Implementation – the last step of this process is to go ahead with actual implementation. We take care of all administrative work, scheduling.
  • No Changes Need To Be Made To Your Current Power Vendor To Qualify.

The best thing about this whole process, you need not fret. Just sit back, turn on the lights, and enjoy the savings from the light.

Please read more details on the case studies and benefits.